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Instructor: Laxson, Shawn   
If you need to contact me you can email me at or if needed you can call my voicemail at (803) 442-6100 x187.

All lesson plans are located at the bottom of this page. Please note that lesson plans are subject to change due to schedule changes, fire drills, etc. Always check the white board in class for the most up-to-date assignments.

Please see me to schedule time for extra help and to make-up tests or quizzes!
All work should be made up as quickly as possible! The student is allowed two days for every day he/she is out according to school policy. Students will coordinate with me as to when assessments will be made up. Please keep on top of this! I will work with you in any way I can, but I will not be responsible for reminding you to make up your work.

Supply List:
1-1/2 to 2 inch binder
Scientific calculator (or graphing if you already have one)

Grade Scale:

Tests / Projects 50%

HW/CW /Quizzes 25%

Labs 25%

Labs and Projects: There will be many labs and several projects assigned for the year. Students are responsible for turning in completed work on or before the scheduled due date. Any lab/project that is not turned in on the due date will be assessed a 10 point penalty per day late. If the lab/project is turned in after three days of being late, a grade of zero will be submitted for the student.

ALL work not completed in class will be due the next time the class meets.

Homework not turned in on the due date will be assessed for a penalty when turned in after the due date. If an assignment is one day late the student can earn a 75 for the completed assignment. If the assignment is turned in after this, the grade of 50 can only be earned. Students will have 1 week from the assignment date to turn in their late work. After this date a grade of zero will be given. Any assignment that we have to go over together in class will not be assessed as the above. If the work for these is not completed on time students will receive a zero..

*****If you'd like a text in the afternoon before tests, quizzes, etc. are due, please text @laxsonchem to (803) 795-4356. It is confidential and free- neither I nor other students can see your phone number.

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